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I recommend that you discuss your condition with your GP. If they believe that a surgical opinion is appropriate they can refer you to a Consultant Surgeon either through the NHS or by a private consultation.


You can refer yourself directly for a private consultation but please be aware that if you have private health insurance, you should check with them first to make sure they will cover the fees.


I am recognised as a Specialist Consultant by all the main Private Medical Insurers.


Information on Fees for Private services


Fees are charged for consultations and for operations or procedures. My fees are only a part of the total package that will be charged. The private hospital will also charge for tests, investigations, scans, operating theatre services and hospital room. 


Please check with your insurer about what they cover.


If you are a self-pay patient, most people opt for a package that includes everything associated with an operation. Consultations and outpatient investigations are charged separately.


For more information contact:

The Woodland Hospital 01536 414515

or Zoe on 01536 492615


I work at:

Private surgical practice:

The Woodland Hospital

Kettering NN16 8XF


NHS surgical practice

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Rothwell Road

Kettering NN16 8XF


If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

Woodland Hospital

01536 414515

Kettering Genneral Hospital

01536 492615


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